Meet Our Executive Team

Our team members are world-class in training, expertise and commitment to excellence.  

Matthew Lengel

      President and CEO

Matt is the principal founder of Scout Aviation, establishing the company on a solid aviation foundation with capabilities for both flying and consulting.

Matt is retired from the Air Force. He served as a pilot with over 2,500 hours of flying time. His military service includes time as a fighter pilot, a flight instructor, and an aviation liaison with the US Army and foreign military forces. Matt had combat deployments to the Middle East both as a fighter pilot and as an aviation liaison officer. 

Matt got his start in aviation as a young boy flying radio-controlled airplanes and drones. By the time he was ready to enter the Air Force, he had earned both his private pilot certificate and his instrument rating. Today, Matt is an FAA-approved drone operator. He is also an FAA-licensed commercial pilot and a certified flight instructor (CFI). 

Matt has hands on experience not only as a military pilot, but also a commercial pilot, flight instructor and aviation consultant. In addition to his aviation certificates and ratings, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Clemson University) and a Master’s degree in Aviation Safety (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University). 

Ramona Mangum

Director of Business Development

While pursuing her private pilot's license, Ramona was hired by NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System.  She was involved in myriad projects from assisting the French with their equivalent program, ONERA to the Wind Turbulence Study.

She was hired away from NASA by RR Donnelley to become their SEC EDGAR Specialist on a four person "International SWAT Team" and based in Europe.  Later, she was transferred by RR Donnelley to their NYC office, becoming a Senior Sales Representative in their Book Printing Division. Her primary accounts were Random House Children's Books as well as several of the Pearson Education imprints.

Most recently, she worked for a non-profit that uses aviation as a motivation for children, rekindling her love for aviation.

She has degrees from the University of Arizona in both English and Psychology. Fluent in German, she also has proficiency in French and Spanish.